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The Only Feeder Your Dog Will Need From Puppyhood Through Old Age!

Advantages for Dogs of All Ages

  • Help maintain a healthy posture
  • Reduce ingested air which may reduce burping and other gas release
  • Aid in Digestion
  • Eliminate stress on neck and back muscles
  • Help keep crawling insects out of their bowls

Advantages for Pups

  • Help reduce “toeing out”, which puppies tend to do to maintain balance when bending to eat at floor level
  • Sturdy, stable 6-lb base makes it difficult to tip over
  • Pups are less able to play in their water

Advantages for Older Dogs

  • Aid in eating and drinking comfort for older arthritic dogs

Miscellaneous Advantages


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  • Aid in eating and drinking comfort for older arthritic dogs
  • Stainless-steel bowls can be easily sanitized in the dishwasher
  • Powder-coated metal base and stainless steel  pole can be easily cleaned with mild soap and non-abrasive cloth
  • Feeder can be easily moved by grasping pole with one hand and lifting
  • “Cross-shape" base design allows for placement along a straight surface or in a corner
  • This feeder can be used from puppy hood through old age

Feeder Specifications

  • Base: .15 ¼"  x  15 ¼"  x  1" Heavy Wall  steel, 2" x 1" rectangular tubing, with plastic end caps. 6 lbs.
  • Rich texture black powder-coat finish. (At this time, we do not offer other colors, but you could always apply a color of your choosing over the black finish.)
  • Mast/Pole: Brushed finish 304 stainless steel with black plastic end cap, with an adjustment capability, when inserting the pole into the base, that allows the pole height to be  28" - 29 ½". There is a recessed black plastic end cap at the top.
  • Bowl holder frame: Adjustable solid stainless steel tubing
  • Bowls: (2) 3-qt. stainless steel,  paw print embossed bowls.
  • Thumb Screws: (2) fully adjustable: one metal handle and screw, one black handle with metal screw
    (Note:  While the black handle thumbscrew is slightly easier to turn than the all metal thumbscrew, the metal one is a few dollars less expensive.  So since this screw will rarely be used, once the pole is in place, in an attempt to keep costs as low possible, I only used the plastic handle screw for the bowl frame that will be adjusted occasionally.  Of course, most hardware stores would have the plastic handle thumbscrew if you find this more convenient to use.)
  • Total Weight of Feeder and Bowls:  12.8 lbs.
  • Maximum Bowl Height:   Due to an approximate 1 1/2" adjustability factor when you insert the pole into the base, the top of the bowls, at the highest level, can range from 28" - 29 ½".
  • Assembly:  VERY EASY!!! Place open end of pole into the base, either all of the way down, or approx. 1 - 1/½" higher. Tighten metal thumb screw.  Place bowl holder frame on bowl and move to level appropriate for your dog. This should be approximately at his mid-chest level.  Tighten  metal and black plastic thumb screw.  Place bowls in bowl holder frame.
  • Maintenance:  Wipe with dampened, non-abrasive cloth. The powder-coated paint on the base is much more durable that most types of paint, but still may incur a scratch or two over a period of time.  If this occurs, you can disassemble the base from the pole and spray the base with a paint suitable for metal.
  • Add-on for additional height:  NOT AVAILABLE, AT THIS TIME.  But should enough people feel they would like one, I will see about having some made. They would be in the $15 or $20 range.  
  • Price: $165.00, plus shipping.

    Note: While this price may appear high to some, to anyone familiar with the cost of stainless steel, and powder-coating, it will not. My actual costs totaled slightly over $139.00.

    The ONLY PROFIT added on to the actual costs of fabricating, packaging and PayPal is $25.00 which will go entirely to National Great Pyrenees Rescue.

    Shipping: $25.00

    Note: Once I receive word from PayPal that an order has been placed, I will e-mail the buyer with the approximate day I will get the packaged feeder to the post office or UPS. Once it is has been dropped off, I will e-mail the buyer with the approximate arrival date.


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